Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another new addition!

And YES, this time it is a baby :-)

Apparently my husband is very, very good at this Natural Family Planning business . . . we went for a year and a half with no hormonal birth control without getting pregnant, and on our first cycle conceiving, we managed a hole in one, so to speak :-) We are super excited about our new addition, who's ETA is early September. We'll be seeing the same midwife who cared for us during Garrett's pregnancy, and shooting for another Home birth!!

Garrett is 19 months old now, which is amazing to even think about. The pictures I posted the other day are from our past few playdates to the park and Pinecrest Gardens. I love living in FL, where else can you play at the Splash Park in December?? It has actually been unseasonably warm here, in the 80s. But we have been enjoying it. Yesterday, we took Garrett Kayaking for the first time. It was a blast, although he would not let me use the paddle so Brad had to do all the work! He would lean over the edge and play in the water as we skimmed along. Silly little man!

Last night we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by a nice dinner at the Melting Pot, sans Garrett. Oh MY GOSH. That food was to DIE for, it was so fabulous! We really enjoyed our night out, and are hoping to catch a movie alone on new years before we have to get back to life . . . the holidays sure have been fun this year!


Hartley's said...

Congratulations!!!! That was super quick! You are lucky to have their birthdays at such different times of the year. This is the third PG I have been told about in the last week.

leanne said...

I am so super duper excited for you three!!!! This is so exciting! Yipppeee!!!