Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Pictures!

Finally getting around to uploading Christmas pictures! Things have been non-stop since Christmas morning . . . work is extremely busy, and Garrett is keeping me running EVERYWHERE these days!!

Anyway, Christmas was a blast. Garrett wasn't in a big hurry AT ALL to open his gifts. In fact, after he helped Brad and I open a few, we would ask him if he would like to open another present and he would say "no!" and go back to playing.

On Christmas Eve, we opened one present from Brad and I for him, a fun book about tickle monsters. That book set the tone for the holidays--he LOVED it! It has finger puppets with it . . . when Garrett put the finger puppets on, he could tickle us with a single touch! He thought it was HILARIOUS!! :-)

On Christmas morning, Garrett just looked at the tree, a little shy to go for the booty. He was excited by the colorful, personalized chair Santa brought him. His trike was under the tree too, but he wasn't that thrilled about it since he has been using it for several days (he REALLY loves it though, he is either pushing it or riding it everywhere!). He loves his car from Grandma Becky, too, he loves to sit in it and ride it around, especially in the house. The train from Grandma and Grandma Compton was also a big hit, but he could care less about the aquadoodle mat right now . . . in time! I didn't take a ton of pictures, we just enjoyed the day (also, the camera battery died, which contributed to the lack of pictures!!) In the end, it took us until 3pm, when we went over to the Shumans house for dinner. All in all, a very good day!

Our little reindeer family. Thanks Grandma and Dave!

The tree after Santa visited!

Opening presents with mommy!

"oohh, pretty!"

My trike!! Yay!

Finally, a seat just for me!

Helping Xander with his drink at Christmas dinner.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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