Thursday, December 20, 2007

Busy week

I am so glad Friday is almost here . . . it will be nice to have Brad around to help for an entire day! I will work one day this weekend, so it will go by too quickly, as usual. But at least it is something!

We've had a busy week. On top of work, we've had 2 playdates and a ton of errands to run, plus volunteering in our community. Garrett has loved the running around bit of things . . . he doesn't seem to enjoy being in the house for even a short while these days. So we have been outside more than we have been in. Today we spent a ton of time in the back yard watching the birds. Winter has arrived in south Florida--we have had a multitude of wading birds every morning. Today it was a blue heron, 2 egrets, AND a Stork. We haven't had a stork here before, so that was exciting.

Tomorrow, I must make a dreaded run to the post office. Yuck!!

Only 4 days until Christmas. Not at all sure how that happened. It shocks me to see where Garrett was a year ago--he wasn't even really crawling yet! How he can say so much . . . his new absolute favorite is "No, no, no!" He also insists on speaking to whoever on my cell phone. Thank goodness for those unlimited mobile to mobile minutes! Now, for the pictures.

My Gym on Monday:
Garrett in the ball pit

Garrett with Baby Logan (getting SO big!)

The "hot air balloon" ride. . . too fun!

Then we went to Chucky Cheese--Garrett and Xander loved this jeep ride!! Check out their faces!

Our playgroup's Christmas Party (on my birthday!)So many crazy babies! (Garrett is in the middle!)

I think this picture is from last Sunday, our first day home . . .
Note that he is on the phone :-)

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