Thursday, March 10, 2011

The usual craziness

Things have been insane, as usual, around here. What we've been up to, in pictures:

Xander and Logan have had family in town so the kids haven't seen much of each other. They hung out for a while on Sunday and had a great time:

Summer spent plenty of time jumping on the trampoline, crazy girl.
We did some fun little projects while Garrett was at school
(And MAN do I need to refinish my table in a nice DARK color!)
Garrett is doing great at school. Here is a picture of a house he drew.
And he's continuing to help out around the house alot . . . posing happily with his almost-full marble jar. (When its full, he'll get a "special surprise")
Summer happily toting around some goodies from a package. Such a girlie girl. :-)

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