Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Mayhem - Continued Chaos

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while. Things have been extremely chaotic around here, but not in any way that's noteworthy. Spring break was exhausting and returning to school was a bit of an adjustment too. Work is busy, and with gas prices like they are Summer and I have been playing around at parks and the library a lot so we don't have to drive home every day between dropping Garrett off and picking him up again. She loves both the library and the playground, so its pretty easy to spend 3 hours there.

We took Aspen to the vet for his annuals, which was a whole big to-do of course. We've been to the pool A LOT. The kids are still having a hard time with the time change, they are completely fried by 5pm but having a hard time getting to sleep before 8 or so, and are back up by 6-7.

Brad and I ran the Move It 2011 budget 5K on Saturday, which was a budget race for the miles challenge we're both participating in. We ran separately because of the kids, but he smoked me as always. He finished in 25:51, I finished in 31:41. I also biked the last 8 miles to work on Saturday due to the tennis tournament on the key. It was actually a fun ride, and it was nice to not sit in the car for nearly as long. Brad took the kids out with the neighbors on their boat on Saturday.

I have only taken ONE PICTURE this week, which is just ridiculous. On Tuesday the Shuman boys came home from school with us and we all went to the pool. I think we're going to have a repeat tomorrow. This is a short week for us-we're surprising Garrett with something fun on Thursday, which is going to be fun for ALL of us. AND I get to see my mother in law, who I've really been missing.

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