Friday, March 04, 2011

A full week of fun

This week has been chock full of stuff. I'm working hard on increasing my productivity AND maintaining this whole keeping-the-house-clean thing. And not planting the kids in front of the TV in the process. AND consolidating everything we need to do into the trips to and from taking Garrett to school, because at $3.40ish a gallon, I am NOT going out a second time. I made Brad replace the tire on my bike, which had a slow leak, because I know we'll be biking more with gas prices the way they are.

That said, we've had BEAUTIFUL weather this week. In the 80s. On Tuesday, we decided this warranted a trip to the pool.
How cute are they?

We had lots of fun at home of course.
Garrett, always the inventor, decided that since we don't own any guns for gun play, he would build one from his marble track. No shortness of creativity in that one.

Summer, always the girlie girl, took it upon herself to make sure we were well fed.
She asked me "Mommy, are you ready to eat?" and I looked down from my work to find this.

And later, we apparently all needed dessert (perhaps the 4th plate is for one of the dogs? Or maybe a dolly . . .)

Speaking of dogs, Aspen always amazes me with both his amazing patience and the level of devotion and responsibility he seems to instill in Garrett. Garrett loves giving Aspen any kind of love, making his tail wag, and giving him breakfast and dinner. I really didn't expect much in the way of responsible dog ownership this early, but Garrett takes caring for Aspen very seriously. But here is photo evidence of that never-ending patience.
And the martyr look because I asked him to sit so I could take a picture of his accessory.
If there were a medal for doggy patience, he would surely earn it.

And, speaking of Garrett and responsibility . . . he has been a BIG HELP around the house. He's been willing to do small tasks without whining lately, which has resulted in us using our marble jar again (helping without whining = one marble toward a special surprise.) He has been consistently straitening his room on a daily basis every morning for a few weeks now. Being on blue all week at school + keeping his room clean = $1 for allowance on a weekly basis. But he amazed me this week by making his bed and informing me that he would "organize the kitchen." Here he proudly posing with his handy-work.
He's also getting the hang of reading, which is well, FREAKING AMAZING to watch. And a little sad. But mostly amazing. He also takes great joy in reminding us that he is "almost ready for Kindergarten." Time is flying by way to fast most of the time.

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