Friday, March 12, 2010


Hazel is over today and it is always so funny to listen to her and Garrett . . . a transcript of their conversations.

Hazel = playing with Summer's dollhouse. I'm sitting downstairs while they are up.
Hazel: "You can't play Garrett, this is a baby's toy"
Garrett: "Its Summer's, and we SHARE"
Hazel: "Okay"
Garrett: "Hazel, the dog broke the house . . . he fell down and knocked everything over and tripped."
Hazel: "No!"
Garrett: "Yes he did see! He falled down. And that's what happened, don't you see? That's what happened. Only, I don't think he is going to win. "
Hazel: "Up the hill!" (They have clearly moved over to the train table at this point). Poor Hazel can hardly get a word in edge wise because Garrett just talks, and talks . . . and talks.

Here's a video of them reading a book earlier after nap time. The sound isn't great, but I didn't want them to see me filming, and I was using the webcam on the laptop.

They have been playing "Doggy" all day. They managed to lock themselves in Aspen's crate. They thought it was hilarious. Poor Aspen, he wasn't so sure how he felt about 2 3 year olds in his crate :-)

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