Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Okay, Picture Catch Up

It isn't even remotely entertaining how far behind I am on pictures!! So here goes.
Starting WAY back in the beginning of September, when we went to Orlando:

Garrett playing in a water feature where we stayed.

Garrett playing in the water.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we met up with a friend from Babycenter, who also has a May 2006 baby. Garrett and Lolly had a GREAT time playing together when she came over with her mom and dad to our hotel room for lunch. Two strong willed babies. . . two times the trouble!!
Where's Lolly?? :-)

Garrett: "Lolly, WHAT are you doing to my chair??"

Garrett: "We can both sit here!" Lolly: "Nooooo!!"


King of the chair!!

Garrett getting in to all sorts of mischief the next morning in our room:

Garrett enjoying the valet cart as we were loading up the cart:

We went to SeaWorld on Sunday with April, Casey, Alana and Kristen. It was sooo much fun!
Daddy and Garrett waiting in line to feed the dolphins
Garrett and I feeding a smelly fish to a dolphin

Kristen, Casey, Alana, Brad, me and Garrett at the stingray touch pond. As usual, Garrett wanted to go swimming!

Garrett and I with some random people around us.
All of us EXCEPT April . . . I think it was a conspiracy that she be in no pictures!!
Kristen was great with Garrett--she is such a great kid. We had so much fun with the whole family, much better than going by ourselves!!

OKAY. Next event. My Gym with our playgroup on the 10th (!!) of September:
Garrett and friends stack things on the cones. Such a big strong boy!
Garrett on the down end of a somersault:

Next event: I bought a desk that is similar to the one at Jungle Jimbos that he LOVES. Here he is playing his xylaphone while sitting there. Video of this too, if I ever get it uploaded to Youtube!
Garrett's adorable friend Nyah, who I babysit occassionally.
Nyah and Garrett up to no good! Or, at least, Nyah and a pair of FEET up to no good!!
Where's Garrett???
There's Garrett!!
Garrett has been getting SO bored at home lately, so we started doing whatever we could to keep him busy for a while. Including playing Pots and Pans with a Spoon! (Thanks Uncle Ali for the drumming influence!!) :-)
Garrett officially feeds himself EVERYTHING now, with silverware and all. What a big boy. Eating cantalope here. We can't keep enough fruit in the house for this kid!
My artsy-fartsy picture for the YEAR. I love it though:

Loving playing with Bubba, as always:
Sweet grey dog:
"Shoes!" says Garrett

Next event: Birthday party with the playgroup at Dandy Bear:

Garrett and Xander in their matching shirts enjoying Dandy Bear:

Garrett and Xander at My Gym in late September

Okay, stopping here. . . consider me caught up! I have some videos and current photos. The sad thing is that I have taken no photos in October until this week. Too busy DOING to take pictures. But I will get the current stuff up soon!!

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Hartley's said...

we caught up on the same day! How funny. Love all the pictures- really love your artsy one. Isn't it great that they are eating on their own! Yesterday I went to help Ainsleigh with her Apple Sauce, she looked at me and said "No mama" so I sat next to her, she looked at me and out went her little hand "No Mama!" so I had to watch from a distance, I left the room and heard Stephen "don't eat applesauce with your fingers, here use your spoon!" She uses the spoon well, just wanted hands with applesauce!
Thanks for sharing the pictures!
- Sidney