Friday, October 12, 2007

A boy and his dog

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have been INSANE, with the holiday season around the corner and Garrett growing by leaps and bounds, there hasn't been much time for anything involving sitting down. No pictures this update either . . .next time, I promise!

Garrett is just amazing these days. He is following directions consistently! It just happened, all of a sudden. He will pick things up when I ask him to, and bring them to me. He will come when I call and sit down when I ask. He is talking alot, although most of it is still in his own language. We got the Discovery toys Mainstreet Playhouse, and he loves sitting in it and playing all sorts of fun games. He and Aspen are so funny these days--they are interacting and playing together just the way I had always hopped they would. Garrett will take Aspen's toy, and run around with a big grin on his face while Aspen chases him around. He will throw the toy and squeal with delight when Aspen runs after it. Then Aspen will stand in front of him, butt wagging, squeaking the toy, daring him to try it again. The whole scene plays out over and over, it is hilarious. They both like to get in the playhouse and go out the window--silly boys! They are just the best of friends and I love it. Aspen is so good with him

Garrett has been up to a lot lately, playing outside as much as possible. It has been raining alot lately, and his idea of a really good time is playing in the rain. I finally found him a cute rain jacket, so now I won't feel as guilty when I take him out and let him have a blast!

We have gone to the doctor since my last update too--Garrett was 24lbs and 30 inches. He is finally on the growth charts. Not that I was ever worried. He continues to be eat like a bottomless pit--cottage cheese, fruits galore, and the old favorite broccoli. BOTTOMLESS PIT! I wish we could have a garden, it would make our grocery bill sooo much cheaper. At least he is a healthy eater!

His 6th tooth (4th tooth on the top) is erupting, but he is doing well with it. Chewing on everything and sticking to colder foods. We are going to be switching him to a toddler bed soon, if we ever figure out how to convert his bed. He has been falling alseep on the floor alot, so we are hoping if he has a bed he can get in to, he will just go lay down. He can get on to all of our furniture with little to no assistance now. Such a big boy!

Not much else to update on. I did agility with Haylee at the end of September, she did well enough. Earned some legs toward her titles and a few ribbons. Discovery Toys has been crazy, work work has been in a lull that is ending. Brad and I haven't seen much of each other lately, we are looking forward to having some alone time SOON!

That's it for now. Hugs and kisses from Garrett and the puppies.

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Hartley's said...

Wowee! Lots going on, I bet you were tired just typing it all :) I love toddlers, it is such a luxury to have someone who will fetch things for you, since I have a 4 year old too, it is just nice to have a child who listens to me!
Have a great weekend!
- Sidney