Wednesday, May 02, 2007

11 Months!

Oh my goodness, it is so hard to believe Garrett has turned 11 months. As I am writing this, he is just 26 days away from his first birthday!

These pics were taken at the park on 4.30. He went down the slide by himself several times. His favorite thing about the park is that there are little people there for him to watch!

Milestones for this month were first haircut, first step, first time standing alone. He will stand until he realizes no one is holding on, then he will plop down. He occassionally gets bold and takes a step, but then usually does a face plant. Oh, and I almost forgot--FIRST ACT OF DEFINANCE! We were at a restaurant and he started to get up, we told him to sit down and he gave me his crinkly "mean baby" face and got up anyway!! Stinker. :-D

He is the toughest kid on the face of the planet--rarely to spills make him fall. Yesterday we were playing over at Xander's house and he fell against the wall, didn't shead a single tear. He is a climber, everything is game. His favorite thing is still going up and down the stairs. He gained a pound this month, as he has really stepped up
his solids intake (3 bananas a day and as many veggies as I can give him!!) He is SUCH a healthy eater though, he will take something green over other stuff on his plate any day of the week.

I am FINALLY almost ready for him to start walking. He is just going to be so much FUN! He certainly will be a handful though, too. :-D And all boy, no doubt about that!!

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