Thursday, October 05, 2006

Play date!

Yesterday Garrett and I got together with my friend Adrianne and her son, Cody. Adrianne and I used to work together, and Cody is just a few months older than Garrett. We went out for a bite then went to the park to play . . . the boys had a great time. Adrianne was nice enough to let Garrett and I bum a ride with her and Cody, which made for an entertaining trip. Neither of the boys has ever ridden in the car with another baby before. Garrett loves fuss when he gets in the car, so every time we got in, he would cry, which would then get poor Cody crying, then my silly little man would go to sleep! It was quiet an adventure, and tons of fun! By the end of the day, they were both EXHAUSTED! (And so were the mommies!)

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Adrianne said...

Hi Angela,
Cody and I had a great time too! It was really cute watching them interact. Garrett is a really easy-going fellow just like his parents. Many more playdates to come...!!! Yey!!