Saturday, October 07, 2006

Adventures of the Sippy Cup

Lately, Garrett has been obsessed with putting his hands in our plates and wanting whatever is in our cups. . . he isn't old enough for solids yet, at least not in my book, but I did get him a sippy cup so he could drink either a little water or even some breastmilk like the big boy he wants to be. Only problem is, Garrett was much more interested in trying to suck on the SIDE of the sippy cup. The ice-cold water must have felt good on his gums! So okay, teether it is, until he feels the need to try to drink from the top. Silly little man. In my search for the sippy cup, I bought lots of fun actual teethers . . . and clothes. Yeah, spent too much $, the hubby isn't gonna be thrilled when he gets home :-D

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