Monday, October 23, 2006

Our trip to Grandpa's house

This past week, Garrett and I made our first big trip alone. We flew to Colorado to see my Dad. My grandma, who I haven't seen in 10+ years, was in town from Iran. My Dad, his wife, and my brother Ali had been waiting to come visit Garrett until Grandma could make it, but it took longer than expected and now Ali is back in school. So Garrett and I flew to Denver to spend 5 days with Grandpa, Nana 'Dina, Uncle Ali, and Ma'ma Bizorg.

It was sooo cold while we were there--in fact, it even SNOWED! Brrrr! (See the white stuff in the picture above?? There wasn't much, but it was definately there. Garrett's first snow!) Even so, Garrett had a blast learning Farsi from Ma'ma Bizorg, learning to play the piano and drums with Uncle Ali, and hanging out with his Grandpa. We even got to here Uncle Ali play at a band concert! Sorry there are so many pics, but there are so many cute ones (and more to download).

Playing with Grandpa
Ya don't say?? (Notice the ball in his hands--he is getting such a good grip on things!)
Ma'ma Bizorg telling me a story

ME telling Ma'ma Bizorg a story.

Whenever Garrett would talk to his Ma'ma Bizorg, she would say "Tell me a story". He also wanted to tell her a story at Ali's band concert, but she told him "No story right now" and Garrett listened to the band instead. He enjoyed his first band concert, even though it was wayyy past his bedtime!

Ali giving Garrett his first piano lesson.
Garrett LOVED to listen to Ali play the piano . . . to say that my little bro is a talented musician is an understatement, but then, his momma is a music teacher!
Now its time for a percussion lesson!

What do you do with a baby who is up at 5am Local time in the morning and ready to play, when it is too cold to go outside and he is bored with everything else? Why, you play with the faucet and lounge in the bathroom sink, of course! :-D

Garrett did really well with the two long flights back--as long as we were up and moving around. He made friends with ALL the flight attendants on the plane. We had a longer than expected layover in DC, but Garrett was happy just laying on the floor playing with his feet and sticking his poppin' car (a gift from our pal from work Sidney and her girls) in his mouth. He had lots of people coming over to play with him and talk with him, including several daddies who were travelling on business and missing their own little cutie pies.

Garrett was SO glad to see his Daddy and the puppies again. He wasted no time getting back to his old routine . . . he's been such a good boy! But we are very glad to be home for a while, after a whirl-wind couple of months. We shouldn't be going anywhere major until January, when we all head to St. John with Grandma Becky, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Stephanie. Can't wait!

Until next time,
Hugs, baby drool and puppy kisses.

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