Monday, September 11, 2006

Road Trip!

We left the Thursday evening before Labor Day (after being home from NM for a mere 2 days) for Ohio, then Kansas City. My mom had asked me a while back to come home because our Cousin Kay and her wonderful children (at least nine of the ten), would be coming for a visit. At the time, we didn't think we would be able to. Then lo and behold, Brad was being sent to Kansas for work the following week, for the ENTIRE week. Well, Brad and I don't do being apart very well, and certainly not for a week. I had just left my poochies the previous weekend for us to go to NM, and while they had a great time with their doggie sitter (thank you Cassie!), I wasn't ready to do it again. So, we all five loaded into the Yukon and headed off for a major roadtrip. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend driving 3000+ miles, non-stop across over a dozen states to anyone with a newborn. We drove 20 hours to Ohio, 12 to Missouri, and then 24 back home.

It was great to be back in Ohio (so long as only for a visit!). The Montes clan was as charming and jubilent as ever, and we all had a great time camping out. It was amazing to see how much all of the kids had grown, and Garrett had plenty of people to love on him. The most entertaining item of the weekend, however, was Aspen. The weather was miserable and rainy, and after half a day of being in the rain and hating it, Aspen decided he would be better off in the tent. So WHAT if the tent door was closed. He is grey, he wanted in, so he opened the tent. Wet, muddy grey dog in tent does NOT make for a happy mommy. So we locked the tent with a D-ring. He then tried to climb the tent. VBGD!! (For those of you who haven't lived with a Weim, that stands for Very Bad Grey dog!! A common abbreviation for those of us nutty enough to own a weim). Well, night comes and we all climb in the tent. Aspen does not want to sleep on the air matress. And he certainly can't sleep on the ground. His crate, which is big and metal, was in the car, but Haylee folding crate was in the tent. Sooooo, what do you think my 90lb doggie does?? he crawls into Haylee's itty bitty crate. Haylee weighs 14lbs, in case you were wondering. It was quiet a sight. What was more amazing is that he managed to turn around in it, lay down, and take a nap. Needless to say, he was thrilled when we got to Kansas City and he had a nice bed and a roof over his head again!

Garrett and I (you can tell we are camping! :-D)

Garrett and Daddy

Brad boating with Brian, Cole, and Devon
(who belong to Amber, who is Kay's eldest's fiancee's sister)
The funny thing about this shot, which you can't quite see, is all four of them had an oar
Poor Taylor, Kay's second eldest daughter and keeper of the little ones, about had a heart attack when Brad took them off alone, and was certain that with everyone holding an oar, they would never return to shore!

At any rate, Garrett got to meet his Great-granddad, and lots of other family members. And of course, spend a little time with Grandma Becky! He seemed to enjoy his first weekend camping, despite the 50 degree nights and rainy days. Not bad for a Florida Boy!

All the kids:
Issac, David, Devon, Erika, Cole, Alleah, Matteah, Josiah, Brian, and Joel

Kay and Garrett having a little chat

4 Generations: Me, my mom, Garrett and his Great-Grandpa Bob

On Memorial Day we drove to Kansas City . . . in addition to Brad going for work, his parents are there. I took all my work with me, and spent some serious time working sans baby while he got caught up with Grandma and Grandpa, as well as Nana and Pawpaw and Aunt Stephanie. Rooke, Stephanie's poodle, was quiet put off by the invasion of his home by my rowdy crew. But Aspen and Haylee were too pooped from their camping adventure to care. They pretty much slept all week.

Nana and Garrett

Grandpa and Garrett on top of the awsome lighthouse slide for the pool
Watchin' TV with Auntie Stephanie and Uncle Rooke
(Poor Rooke was not thrilled about Aspen and Haylee's presence, but especially Aspen's!)
Walkin' with Grandma!
. . . And watchin' football with Grandpa!
But MOMMMM, I'm naked!
(One of the many faces of Garrett, as his Grandma calls them, after a bath at her house)

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