Thursday, September 28, 2006

Garrett is 1/3 of a year old today!

Today Garrett is four months old. We went to the ped. on Tuesday, and he is 11lbs, 12oz and 24 inches long. It seems like he has grown a lot more than one inch to me! Physically, he is moving in leaps and bounds. He is rolling over regularly, is very close to being able to sit up without support, and loves to stand up with someone supporting him under his arms. He is awake more during the day, usually only taking 2-3 1 hour naps, and is less fussy than he used to be. In his four months, he has flown to Missouri and New Mexico, and had his first cross country road trip. In a few weeks, he and I will have our first plane ride without daddy to go meet his Grandpa Hosein, Uncle Ali, his great-grandmama, and a whole other side to his fabulously huge family. What a busy boy! Next month, there might just be some teeth in that big ole grin too!

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