Sunday, September 24, 2006

Haylee's return to the agility ring

Anyone who knows me knows how much I missed doing agility with Haylee while I was pregnant with Garrett. After almost a year off, we came back to the agility ring with a big bang at MOC's Fall Trial. It was a four day show, but we decided to trial only on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to keep her from getting burnt out and also to take it easy since it was Garrett's first ever trial. I was hoping to finish her Open Standard (OA) title, which she only needed one more "leg" (for you non-agility folks, a leg, or "Q" is a qualifying run--the dog needs 3 Qs per title) to finish. Well, on Thursday, she got that Q in Open Standard, finishing her title with a 2nd place run. She also got her first leg in Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) and placed 1st. I moved her up to Excellent A Standard, not expecting much because she has some contact issues and because we haven't trained much. On Saturday, she NQd (That's "Non-qualifying" for you non-agility folks) in Standard due to my handling error, but still ran beautifully. She Q'd again in Jumpers and took 2nd. On Sunday, she got her first Excellent "Double Q" and placed in both classes. That finished up her AXJ, or Excellent Jumpers, title. So now we are on to excellent B, where we start the long, long road to her MXJ and further down the line, her MACH, or Master Agility Champion. Not bad for a dog who has practiced four times in the past 6+ months!

Garrett did great--he met lots of new people and puppies. Aspen stayed home, but he didn't mind because when Haylee places she brings home a new toy for him. We all had a ton of fun! Sadly, I didn't get any pics at all . . . so everyone is just going to have to settle for a pic of Haylee and Garrett sharing a blanket a few days before the trial!

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