Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Last bits of summer fun and the start of school

Long time, no post.  What can I say, we've been busy having fun.  Summer flew by too fast.  We went on a trip to Missouri in late July/early August with a detour at Mammoth Cave, KY.  Hopefully I'll find time to dedicate a post to that, because it was a really fun and noteworthy trip.  Here are some random shots of the kids enjoying the last bits of summer and of their first days of "school".
Angry birds printables from 1+1+1=1  = great rainy day play!

One of the may lego creations of the summer.
 Daddy and Garrett working on an electrical circuit
 Four legged babies enjoying their lives
 Rainbow fish project for school
 Summer sporting her stylish "headphones" that make her not freak out during fireworks and thunderstroms.
 Adorable Rapunzel bow crafted by our neighbor, Dapper Duckling Designs
 Garrett's trash robot, one of his many, MANY recycled creations.
 Summer was over way to soon.  Garrett started his first day of First Grade happy as ever.  We are loving our new routine of walking to school every day.  It gives us a chance to chat and stretch our legs.  Our lives just feel so less "rushed" than they did.  Traffic is a non-issue since our feet and our bikes are the prefered mode of transportation.  I still have some stress over the size of his school (650 K-5th graders), but its been a good fit.  He's in an accelerated program, something that wasn't available at our last school, and he is loving his teachers.  (Sorry for the poor photo quality, my flash failed and I didn't realize it till later so I had to doctor the photo).

Summer has started "school" too.  She isn't eligible for state-funded Pre-K yet so we started doing some Pre-K homeschooling.  Here she is doing some marble patterns.  It blows me away how big she is now--she definitely has her own little crazy personality.  She is so excited to go to school next year, but I'm really grateful to have this last year at home with her.  I know its the end of an era, I'll never have someone home with me every day once she starts school (summers notwithstanding).  She really misses her brother though, and has a hard time understanding why she doesn't go to school when almost everyone else she knows does.
 As we settle in to our school year routine, I hope I will get a little more consistent on the blogging front!


Lindsay said...

The school the girls went to in Florida was 650+ students and I LOVED the school. So even large schools can have some great qualities.

Last year was Capri's last year at home and it was hard for her too. She also didn't understand why she didn't get to go to school when all of her friends did. But we made it and I am so thankful for the time spent with her. She is now in school 3 mornings a week and it's perfect.

Next time you come to Missouri we'd love to see you. :)

Hartley's said...

Glad to see everyone is doing well!