Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hurricane Weekend and more. . .

We here in SoFl celebrated the first week of back to school by hosting Tropical Storm Issac for a visit over the last weekend in August.  The kids got an extra day off school.  We spent the time before the storm outside enjoying the calm before the storm. Although really, the storm wasn't bad at all--just wind and lots of rain.  The worst part of it was that it canceled my plans to bike all weekend :-)  But alas, we still had fun.

Summer is obsessed  with these awesome letter mazes from 1+1+1=1
 We made sidewalk chalk paint to have some fun outside before the storm came.  1c corn starch + 1 c water, then add food coloring.
 Always a clown
 They worked great too!
 Since we don't have a basketball hoop, Garrett and Brady, one of our neighbors, tried to make a "basket" into the tree. Brady achieved many :-)

The second SHORTENED week of school was uneventful.  I went in to work on Tuesday and Brad held down the fort.  We baked/cleaned/did our usual things.  We spent this past weekend relaxing.  Garrett wanted to go fishing.  He FINALLY caught his first fish from our lake, a small large-mouth bass.  Unfortunately the only OTHER thing we caught all weekend was ducks.  Stupid, annoying Muscovite ducks, the bane of our lakeside existence . . . they actually tried to steal our bread and got caught on our hooks TWICE.  No one was impressed with that.  It was quite the disaster.  I would try to reel in the duck to cut the line under the bobber and Haylee would try to swim in the water to try and eat the duck.  We ended up losing the bobber the 2nd time and Haylee got lots of baths.  **Facepalm!**
Happy weekend!

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