Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer is 8 months old!

Baby girl is 8 months old today. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She's still a midget compared to most of the other babies her age, but then Garrett was the same way and look at him now! She continues to be (knock on wood!) excellent--she did great on our trip to Key West this past weekend (which I hope to post about as soon as I get some free time) and sleeps from 6p-7a pretty regularly. She's still nursing like a champ, but LOVES her solid foods. She eats cheerios like they are going out of style and is basically on table food . . . whatever we eat (as long as it is appropriate for her age) , I make a spice-less version for her and grind it up in the processor. She still has zip in the tooth department, but that really isn't a surprise either since G was 11 months when his came. She scoots everywhere and is pushing up a lot but not pulling up or crawling--THANK GOD, because I am still not quiet ready for all that :-)
Pork chops and peas


My sweet Garrett will be 3 in 10 days. I can NOT believe that. He is such an amazing kid, speed and wildness and a ridiculously sweet streak all thrown in to one. Rather than inviting our friends to his party, we've decide to let him pick his a few friends to invite over because he loves playing with his friends more than anything--things just aren't as much fun if there aren't friends around to share it with. He told me today he wanted to invite "Xander, Mark, Randon, and ASPEN" to his party. :-) I told him Aspen would be there no matter what. He really missed the dogs while we were away. He is loving to sing and dance lately, and informed me last week that he wants to play soccer. When I've asked him about it before he has said no, but now he says he wants to. How can one little boy be so all over the board--singing, dancing, sports, cars and babydolls, lol!!!!

Kneading home-made playdough during our playdate this morning.

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