Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't posted much (Read: Anything) lately. Life has just been CRAZY. One of our instruments at work has been out of commission for several months and is finally up and running, so that is taking a ton of my time. Here's a rundown of what's new, followed by some pictures:

We signed Garrett up for a preschool coop next year. I think both he and I would benefit from a little more structure in his life, but we can neither afford to send him to preschool nor want to send him away every day. This co op is the perfect answer--we've spent the past 2 mondays checking it out and both kids are officially enrolled. Since I have to help teach in the different classrooms, Summer will be going to their infant room. Its great, I'm so thrilled about it! Check it out:

Garrett started swimming lessons

Boot camp is back in full swing

I'm training for a triathlon in July or August, can't make up my mind which yet. 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, 5K run. I do them all individually now, but all 3 back-to-back should be interesting.

Summer is a solid-eating-machine. She sometimes has 3 meals a day, little porker. She's still a nursing champ though!

The commando crawl is on . . . Summer is a mobile little machine. She turned 7 months this month, can you believe that!?

Our washer broke (and is HOPEFULLY getting fixed tomorrow)

My mom came to visit for Easter. Brad and I got to go on a nice REALLY long date to the Melting Pot while she was here (that's the pic of he and I below)

Pictures galore (click on them for an enlargement):


With Diego at the zoo
Anthony, Corbin and Garrett at the zoo
(Coincidentally, they all have little sisters under the age of 1, lol!)

Garrett has no fear--touching the ball python. He told the keeper all about the Criders snake

Playing at a friend's house during a playdate

Brad and I: Date night!


Leanne said...

ok ok that was a lot to take in! I miss you guys! We need to get together before we move up north...we find out tomorrow whether or not we get the house. I'm so proud of you and the boot camp thing. Im going to try to start doing my working out soon! Call me!

Kaycee said...

Girl you look SO good!! Wait to go on the triathalon training.

Kiddos are adorable as always. I saw Diego and was like WHOA Garrett got tall..ha! Glad to see you back.