Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sorry its been a while!

I know I haven't posted much lately. My son has decided he wants to do some potty training, and that has been keeping us pretty busy. Plus I have NO energy with this pregnancy. I am so ready to get to that 2nd trimester and feel human again!!

Not much new to report here. I got Garrett a cute scooter off craigslist for $5, its like new and usually retails for $30.00. He's a little mutant child, riding scooters and skateboards already!! Never a dull moment though.

The toddler bed is going well, he naps every other day or so. I can't believe he is considering dropping his naps all together!! Yikes!

Here are some photos for the past week or so. Leanne, you may recognize the socks :-)

Sitting in the clothes basket being goofy:

Our friend Maria made that Necklace for Aspen when Garrett was born. Garrett likes to wear it around, and sometimes use it for a headband!

This pic is blurry, but the only one I could get of him wearing it as a headband!!

Haylee being her princess self. :-)
Our neighbors gave Garrett these boots, which are a size 11 (he wears a size 6!!). He put them on all by himself and ran around the house. Note the big boy undies. Garrett says "unies, unies" and will bring them to me when he is wearing a diaper.

Other little tidbits . . . I bought THIS toy organizer at Target on sale for $41.98, I was so pleased with the find. I've wanted one for a while, but couldn't bring myself to shell out $60!! It helps organize my toy stash, which is getting ridiculously large. Logan and Xander start coming over again in a week and a half, so I need to get out all my infant stuff too. Fun, fun. At least it will help me get ready for this baby!!

Garrett's "new" room is half way cleaned out, I still have to go through the closet. Its amazing that in 7 years, Brad and I have accumulated so much STUFF. Three people in a five bedroom house, yet we don't have room for all our junk. That's just sad. I think we decided to get this bedroom set for Garrett, since it is a good value and is cute. I have no idea how we are going to paint the room yet. We're keeping "the nursery" the same, so we won't have to do anything new in there. Brad finished painting our bathroom, I'll try to post a picture soon. It looks really nice.

Oh, and its Super Tuesday. Can I just say that I am going to CRY if John McCain gets the Republican nomination?? We'll see how things look tomorrow. Go Mitt, is all I can say!!

Well, my kiddo calls. Time to sit on the potty.

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Kaycee said...

OMG i hate you.. those are the best pics ever!! LOL jk ab the hate :).. seriously though he is getting so big!! Awesome headband G!! hehe

Oh and EEK(i'm sorry) ab Romney dropping out ..i see you wanted him to win.