Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My little coastie

Garrett went into the guest room today and pulled Brad's Coast Guard Aux. vest of it. He kept running around the house going "picture, picture!" And then he would pose, like this. I love having a digital camera, I took a zillion pictures and then uploaded them all, it only costs me space on my laptop, and there is plenty of that to go around.

Today was a seriously AWESOME day on the potty training front. We had zip accidents, and he even peed in the potty at church several times, despite the fact he had a diaper on. He says "pee" when he needs to go . . . I am so unbelievably shocked right now, it CAN'T be this easy. But then, I've heard repeatedly kids who wear cloth diapers train easier. Tomorrow, we may even try wearing PANTS over our undies all day long, lol! The neighbors must think I am raising a heathen, since all he has been wearing the past few days is his undies!

The words are pouring out of Garrett like you wouldn't believe. I was using the dremal (sp?) on the dogs nails the other day, and now whenever he sees it he goes "remel, remel". Keep in mind when I was doing their nails, he hid in the other room crying "puppies, puppies, oh noooooo . . . " I think he thought I was killing his dogs. He grabbed Aspen's feet at the next possible occassion and checked to make sure he had all his digits still. That dog's patience with my son never ceases to amaze me. When my neighbor's younger three come over, he just sits and observes them, ever the watchful grey dog. He rocks beyond belief.

Garrett's other big thing right now is pretend play. He likes to pretend to be a dinosaur, a monkey, and a dog. It IS possible that he actually thinks he is a dog, though . . . that was always a fear of mine, that he would act more dog than human. :-) Randon, the little boy next door, has lots of dinosaurs, and Garrett has become infatuated with them. "Roar", he says!! "Dino-sawr!" I can't even begin to list all of his words, its just amazing.


Leanne said...

Just wanted to say that I saw the other pics with the vest and he is so adorable! And congrats on the potty training so far....I can only hope its that easy for us too!

Hartley's said...

You don't give yourself enough credit! It's not the diapers, it's that he has a mom that recognized his readiness and went for it! Thea trained just like Garrett, now I need help with Ainsleigh. BIG congrats to mama and Garrett. I keep thinking about life without diapers- I am so jealous!!!!