Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Additions and Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately--things have been incredibly insane. Brad's mom just left from a 5 day visit (during which time I was in HEAVEN!), Garrett is getting his molars in and is therefore sick, and both Discovery Toys and the lab work have been completely insane. Throw in Brad's Coast Guard Auxilliary Training, and I can count on one hand the number of quiet evenings we have had. ZERO!

It was SO GREAT having Brad's mom her, she was such a huge help with Garrett. It reaffirmed to me that I really owe it to myself to get some help even one day a week for a couple of hours so I can actually get some work done. I got more done in the few days Sherry was here than I have in the past month!

Oh, and in case you can't tell by the pictures, our household has grown by two. I totally splurged on Garrett and got him 2 turtles. They don't have names, they are just "the turtles". Garrett adores them, he has to say Hi and Bye to them whenever he wakes up, leaves, goes down for a nap, etc. He will lay on his tummy and just watch them in their little lagoon. They are super cute . . . He'll say "ooohhh" whenever he sees them, and when I say "Turtles" he will say T T T.

And just so no one yells at me for posting a picture of the turtles, but not Garrett, here is a picture from Pinecrest Gardens. We were going there frequently, until things got so very crazy around here. Garrett loves to walk along the pathways with me. I have added a couple of videos to YouTube as well.

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