Wednesday, August 01, 2007 launch

I have never even heard of lila guide until my playgroup was invited to their launch party. Garrett had a great time drumming during the complimentary music class, and then we got to explore the Miami Children's Museum for a while. After that we had lunch with Daddy and got some shopping done, went by work and visited some friends. Busy day for the little guy! He had so much fun running around, and is pretty good about following directions. He is better about holding my hand now, and doesn't get into too much that he shouldn't. Lots of pictures, enjoy!

This is serious business, mom!
Look, I found stairs, yipee!
Through the tunnel and out the other side

Just checking out the room to see what I can get into!
Seriously girls, all I want to do is drive the boat . . .
Buttons and a steering wheel, I am in heaven!
Hope that took care of the picture fix for a few days!!!

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