Sunday, June 17, 2007

Potty Time

Since Garrett really hates wet and dirty diapers, we decided we would get a potty and see how he liked using it. I picked it up last night, and this morning he went poopie in it!! :-) Horray! We obviously aren't planning on starting potty training in earnest, but we figured we would see if we could get him to use the potty a little bit, it would be nice. One less poopie diaper to change. Apparently "elimination communication" is a big thing. There is a book called "Diaper 3 before 3" we will have to check it out.

Other than that, we had a nice father's day with Daddy. We got him (or rather, HE got him) a new weedeater. Garrett and I made a little father's day poem with Garrett's footprints (see the pic from our playdate, thanks Haydee!!) and a frame for him. Then our friend Cassie came to stay with Garrett so Daddy and I could have some alone time :) We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 . . . it wasn't as good as #1, but way better than #2!! We haven't had a date night in a while, so that was nice.

Other than that, G-man is super fussy off and on lately, his teeth are definately bothering him. He has gone to 2 feedings a day of breastmilk back to every couple of hours, and is refusing any solids that aren't chilled and very soft--this is the same stuff he did before he got his first 2 teeth.

Anyway, not much else new. Hugs to everyone!

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Hartley's said...

You may also like Potty Training in twp days or less. They all have the same basic ideas. Ainsleigh is off the bottle now, and mainly because we will start the ever slow process of potty training. It is all about communication. Thea trained at 18 months, got a wicked flu and retrained a little after her 2nd birthday, but she was a good speaker. I have a feeling Ainsleigh will be a little different. It may be easier becuase she watches big sister, it may be harder because she doesn't communicate well yet. I am teaching her to say poo-poo, she says it sometimes. I thought of you yesterday- Ainsleigh took her diaper off for the first time- boy was she proud. We had such a laugh, Thea and I. I had just changed it- lucky for me no mess! I love the picture of his pouty lip. So cute! Good luck with the teeth. A is working on her canine's we had a whiney weekend too. She likes frozen applesauce when she is teething.