Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're waving!

Garrett is finally waving. Seems to do it mostly to himself. My friend pointed out that when we wave, its at him, so why shouldn't he wave at himself too! Its pretty cute, it was like a little lightblub came on. I have lots of pics and videos to upload, hope to do that soon. We finally installed a gate for the top and bottom of the stairs. He is going up quiet well, and will go down the first section without a problem. Lately our new favorite thing to do is go play in the back yard with H&A, the weather has been beautiful. Garrett will play in the grass and have a good ole time.

Not much else to report, work (x3) is busy which is why I haven't written much!

Oh, and Brad and I decided to go to St. John for our anniversary in December. Something to look forward to! Brad's folks will come stay with Garrett and the puppies, so we will get a break from everything. Second honeymoon, here we come!!

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