Monday, April 09, 2007

Belated 10 month stats

At 10 months, Garrett is crawling and cruising with a vengence, can climb the stairs, and will eat anything. While he was sick, he only nursed and reverted back to baby food. No more. His favorites are brocolli, any fruit, and any meat. He didn't like bananas, but suddenly changed his mind and ate a half one all by himself (the WHOLE half banana, it wasn't even cut up!). He can say mama, dada, bubba (Aspen's nickname), Haywee. He will squeal whenever he sees a puppy. He waved at my friend's dog when we went for a visit (but would not wave at my neighbor). At his checkup when he was sick, we weighed 15lbs even and was 26 inches--tiny but mighty! He loves to pound on things (takes after his uncle the drummer), loves music. He can put balls in holes and seems to be getting the hang of color discrimination on the Hammer Away (go Discovery Toys!). He loves it when his daddy comes home from work and likes to hold either Mommy or Daddy's hand if he is in his stroller during walks. I have been blessed with a wonderfully tempered, happy little man!

Sorry it took me so long to get caught up, now I hope all you Grandparents are happy!!! Miss you all bunches!

Hugs, puppy kisses and baby drool!

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