Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wayyyy behind!

I have been so bad about keeping up on the blog in the past month. Work has been absolutely INSANE! I honostly can't remember all that has happened in the past month. We did go to the Everglades a couple times (once at night--now THAT was cool). So here are some pictures of that. Garrett LOVES riding is his backpack while we go walking or hiking anywhere. He is going to LOVE St. John when we go in January.

Anyway, the night trip to the everglades was awsome--if you shined a flashlight across the water, you could see all this glowing red eyeballs. The Gators were out in droves, and you could hear them feeding. Cool, but a little creepy! I love living so close to such a unique place!

Great Blue Heron


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