Saturday, December 02, 2006


Inspired by my friend Adrianne, who makes all of her own food for her little guy, Cody (who is 4 months, to the day, older than Garrett), I decided to start making Garrett's baby food. The stuff you get at the store is very runny, and they don't get to experience much texture with it (and experiencing texture is what months six through 12 are ALL about in terms of solid food). Sooo, on the November 30th, Garrett started eating home-cooked, organic food. He has had sweet potatoes and carrotts so far and loved them. Because the texture is so much thicker than the baby food he has had, he was quick to abandon the spoon and dig in with both hands. What a mess! Last night, he had his first meat--a little bit of pureed pork! He loved that too. I think more of it ended up on the floor than in his mouth, but the dogs LOVED it! Yay for having two very efficient vaccum cleaners!

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