Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer V3.5

I'm a little late on posting THIS too, but since I haven't been great at keeping up lately I just wanted to document where Summer is at. And also post a picture of Summer on her egg hunt with her playgroup friends. I think Nana Dina thought we didn't let Summer have any Easter fun at all. In reality, she just needed a down day at home with Daddy while Garrett and I went to do some Easter stuff on Saturday.

Summer Version 3.5 is crazy. She's terribly independent, but also easily frustrated. She's VERY sensitive, and the slightest little thing will make her very sad. She's getting much better at expressing her frustrations and sadness. She is definitely DADDY'S GIRL. She always wants to know where he is, when he'll be home, and what he's doing. She loves her brother, and is always sad that he doesn't want her smootches. She regularly chases him into his Kindergarten classroom to attempt to kiss him, much to his embarrassment. She's STILL not potty trained, but we're making progress. "Kerpunzel" is her most favorite thing in the world. She loves to swim and she loves to play. Her pretend play is just too funny to watch.

There is a reason God decided to bless us with her 2nd. If she had been our first she would be our ONLY. But as challenging as she is now, I know that strong willed nature will work to her advantage as she gets older. Oh, and she REALLY wants to go to school. Probably because we take Garrett every day. She knows most of her letters and letter sounds. Uno is her favorite game.

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Hartley's said...

Fuuny you say that. My eldest is like Summer and we still had another one. I laugh now because if we would have had two of these I would have been in the crazy house. We are just now getting Thea treated for anxiety- these sensitive kiddo's feel everything and worry a lot. We are doing biofeedback for the migraines and relaxation techniques for the worries. Thanks for updating the blog!!!