Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sherry's Run

Yes, I realize the entire month of January went by without me actually posting anything other than catch-ups from December. And that I STILL haven't posted pictures of Christmas Day. Suffice to say 2012 has been INSANE so far. I promise my very next post (which I am going to write and schedule) will closely follow this one. But yesterday I participated in something note-worthy and wanted to document it here.

Its no secret that since Summer was born, I have become a bonafied runner. I was never athletic, was called sloth in gym class in middle school, and used to watch people running as I drove in my car eating fast food thinking "I could NEVER run." But its grown into a part of life for me. I was recently discussing fitness/weightloss/etc. with a friend and dug up some old pictures of the "Old" me. I can't even really remember what drove that person--I wasn't a foodie, I didn't run, and I didn't have the same amazing circle of friends I do now. So I'll take the new me any day of the week. The me that thinks anything is possible. The me that is running a half marathon in 3 short weeks (SO excited!).

Anyway, one of the running blogs I follow is Shut Up and Run. SUAR blogged about her cousin, Sherry, who made national news after disappearing from her morning run in January. In addition to Sherry, many women step out their doors for run and never go home. Sometimes the what ifs can be terrifying. SUAR organized a virtual run in Sherry's memory, which I was glad to participate in on Saturday. It serves as a reminder that we can never be to careful when we step out the door each day, and that every day truly is a gift. Stop by Too Tall Fritz to read some great safety tips, in memory of Sherry and every other runner that didn't make it home.

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Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

Great job! We are all so proud of you!