Monday, January 02, 2012

A very late November wrap-up

I have no idea where November went. It flew by so very quickly and I didn't write a single post about it. And now its taken mWe were VERY busy at work, as my boss was preparing to go to Australia for 6 weeks, finishing up classes and had several reports due. Garrett was busy at school. Summer was. . . Summer.

So here's a rundown of what we were up to in November.

We went to the zoo with Summer's friends Ava and Alora (Thanks Leanne for the pic!)
Summer is obsessed with the pythons there. She tells me she wants to touch them. I tell her they will swallow her. It doesn't deter her though.

We routed for Oklahoma State A LOT. :-)

We did our Christmas card pictures. As always, this was a production in and of itself. In some ways, the out-takes are better than the final product. And certainly more entertaining!

We also attempted a family photo shoot over Thanksgiving. Neither the wind nor the lighting cooperated, but we got some decent ones. Although we didn't get a single one where everyone had a nice smile on their face. One of these days we'll take my friend Leanne up on of her offer of doing ours. But it wasn't in the cards this year.

Kids grins are super cheezy here but Brad and I look nice sooo, this is the one you get to see :-)
We camped in the back yard. The kids got sleeping bag/backpacks from Grandma Becky that they loved. The kids did great. The dogs, on the other hand, were totally upset that we left them alone in the house. They started howling so I used it as an excuse to go sleep in our bed with the pooches instead of on the hard ground :-)
For Thanksgiving we had our traditional "Florida Family" dinner at the Shumans house. It was lovely, as always, and as always, I completely failed to take pictures. Once Thanksgiving was over, the Christmas festivities began, including the arrival of our elf for the very first time. But that will come in the next post :-)

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