Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten (Better late than never!)

I have been meaning to post about Garrett's first day of Kindergarten for a while. I haven't for two reasons . . . One is time (I never seem to have any). The other is I am still just not sure how *I* feel about Kindergarten. I like his school, overall, and I like his teacher, but I'm not as in love with it all as I thought I would be. Things are going very slow, they are still reviewing letters, and I feel like Garrett is a little bored and definitely not picking up anything new. But whatever, review is necessary. We're just hanging in and hoping it will improve. He still misses his pre-K teacher. He loves his new teacher, though, and she really is great. Its just a little disheartening to me, I wanted him to LOVE school, but I guess its just the way it goes in the public school system. Suffice to say the jury is still out.

Even though this picture isn't that great, I had to include it because Garrett was super proud of the cute fishie he made for his teacher:

Best friends. They aren't in the same class, which is probably a good thing since they are together pretty much the rest of the time.My two favorite Kindergarteners.
Garrett at his desk.
And, like his father, he has limited patience for photographs. How did he learn to role his eyes so effectively at such an early age??? :-)

They did the most darling project associated with "The Kissing Hand". I received the most concise, complete summary ever given by a five year old of the book from Garrett, it was fabulous.

The diorama we did for "Library Lion"
And of course, Summer, who refused to be in the morning pictures, insisted "Take a picture of ME!"


MonkeyTailes said...

Angie, We had the same problem when registering Saiya for school. She did so well in VPK that we were sure she was going to be bored! So when we found the charter school she is at, we were thrilled with the program! Saiya LOVES it and the secondary language program keeps her challenged. I was shocked she comes home with three pages of homework every night! Hope Garrett is loving school!! :) I'm sure you are enjoying the one on one time with Summer.

Hartley's said...

OH Kindergarten. We love to hate Kindergarten at our house. Nothing can prepare our little ones for the harsh reality of school. All I can say is first grade will be a lot better. Ains. hates writing the date, and because she's in an IB program she has to write the date in Spanish. She is nervous about it everyday. She is doing eveyrthing else with ease- it's also review for her. That's where the gifted classes come in- it made a HUGE difference with Thea. I will request Ains. to be tested for gifted in January.