Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Aspen is the Awesomest Dog Ever

I always have a hard time explaining what Aspen means to us as a family. He's not only not-just-a-dog, he's such an integral part of this family it isn't even funny. His patience with the kids never ceases to amaze me . . .

He not only puts up with photo sessions

he puts up with fights that ensue over him

and STILL manages to give Garrett smooches, which makes Garrett smile bigger than anything else.
He is always in the thick of it, even when "it" is campout sleepovers with four kids.

And even though Summer tortures him in many ways, he never makes a single complaint.

This past week we had a house guest for a week. We fostered Lilo for This is The Dog while her usual foster mom was out of town, and he loved having someone big to play with. (Someone who wasn't 1/4 his size and always grumpy, anyway). He's just about the best, craziest, sweetest grey pup we could ask for, and I can't believe he's 7 this year.


JenFen said...

such cute pictures. just really melts my heart with his sweetest and your generosity in helping foster a dog in need. I tried that with cats for awhile but I just wanted to keep them all. LOL!

MonkeyTailes said...

I remember when you were talking about getting him!! What a cute puppy he was!!! I can't believe he's 7 either. How time flies!

Hartley's said...

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog! I can't believe how much Garret and Summer look alike in the 4th of July picture.
You are always on a new adventure- fostering dogs is a very nice thing to do! Enjoy your last few weeks before school starts!!!