Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Someday, I'll stop falling behind on pictures

But alas, this isn't that time. So here's the past few weeks in pictures.

Summer looking cute in the bibs Nana and Pawpaw
Playdough fun

Trip to the zoo, because the weather has been PERFECT lately.
Summer was SO into it this time!

Can you say Mini-Brad??"Fish! Turtle!!"
Enjoying some Heirloom tomatoes for lunch (this one's just for you Annie!)
Dinosaur bones rock.
Rock climbing
Sissy wanted to go too.

Summer thought the elephants were the most exciting things ever.
This is how we often spend our days while Garrett is at school. "I go night night, mommy!"
And of course we must torture Aspen. Good thing he's such a good natured dog. His birthday is tomorrow--Garrett asked if we would bake him a "doggie cake"--when I said no, he said "Well, we'll just have to sing happy birthday then!"

We went to the Children's Museum for Target Free Third Fridays-Dino Island is still there, and Garrett is obsessed. We got their early so the kids played on the playground for a while.Summer is just silly . . .
Laura, showing you the mommy . . . lol!
Summer was NOT impressed by the dinosaurs this time. She likes them on TV, but apparently the live-action animatronics where too much.
Garrett's favorite part - excavating for dino bones . . .
And of course crafts were a big hit too.
Afterward, Brad and I enjoyed a date night at the winery, thanks to Leanne watching the kiddos.
And that's just the highlights. There was also work, school, Garrett's first week of karate, running, etc. etc. etc. You know, the usual. So, until next time!

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