Monday, July 26, 2010

Crafty and Creative

We've been sticking close to home and inside a lot lately--its just been too HOT to even think about doing anything outside, and buggy to boot. Typical South Florida in late July. So here's our past week in pictures!

Dino art

and Garrett wanted to photograph the stuff they made at the children's museum to show the grandparents before Daddy was permitted to take them to work. The "longneck" is Summer's, everything else is G.
Someone likes my running shoes . . . I can never find them when its time to go!!

Playing Pizza shoppe with friend Alex
Garrett filled up his chore jar and earned a marble track--they are both having fun with that one.

Recycled art-paints from a model kit, cardboard from cereal boxes, and a transformers tag from something Grandma sent . . .

Could she BE any cuter? I think not!!
Cute, but messy :-) She abandoned her brush and decided to finger paint instead.
And I never would have guessed Garrett would be the neater of the 2. I guess he's had a little more time to work at it . . .
Finished projects

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