Friday, April 23, 2010

Catching up (yet again)

I can't believe April is almost over. It has been an insanely busy month. School, work, the usual, and LOTS of fun playtime with friends. Summer is getting to be such a nut, and Garrett is just non-stop. Non-stop laughs, non-stop talking, and non-stop who-knows-what-you'll-get-next.

Here's a random assortment of pictures from the last few weeks.

Strawberry picking with friends, during what ended up being a marathon playdate day . . .Ava and Leanne

Garrett and best bud Aiden climbing the cool tree @ Knauss Berry.
Playdate #2 that day-Garrett, Aiden and Ava at the park.
Summer, pooped out at Playdate #3 (zoo) . . . I LOVE MY OH SNAP!! :-)
Summer and Ava chilling in the jogging stroller. Garrett rode his bike (which required me to SPRINT after him, Leanne had to push the girls, lol)--the bike riding requires a separate post!!
Garrett pretending he was "going on vacation"--he packs his suitcase and changes clothes while pretending. He told me he went to Grandma's house, had a little car trouble but at least he got to see his Grandma, lol!
Summer is becoming SUCH a big girl. She started climbing into the big chairs, so we put up her booster seat and she now sits at the table like a big girl. Its pretty funny because her eyes come up to just above the edge of the table, and that is about IT. But its working out much better for us, since she can just get down when she's done rather than throwing a fit.

Her molars are coming out right now, and she is superbly fussy. She's so funny though, obsessed with the dogs, her stroller and cars. No big surprises there. And still totally into necklaces, jewelry, and anything she can put something into.

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Steph said...

What great pictures. I love the one of G with his suitcase and the last couple of Summer sitting in her chair.