Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sea World Weekend

We kicked off August with a trip to Sea World this past weekend. Garrett had been asking to go and we found a hotel for ridiculously cheap. It was SO HOT. We went with some great friends that I met at boot camp, the Quinones family, and had a wonderful time.

Hiding from the heat in an A/C theater to watch Elmo

Summer was LOVING Elmo, especially since she had a cracker to eat :-)

Last time we went, Garrett was too short to ride the roller coaster.
This time he was tall enough and LOVED it!
(He's in the middle)

Chillin' in the sling

Luau--Quinones on the left, Comptons on the right (G was passed out in the stroller)

Cool octopus
Garrett and Ayanna

Ayanna, Garrett and Rhea checking out the flamingos on their walk

Daddy and Summer

One last ride before we left
Wilene and Ayanna are in the front, Garrett is behind them with Rhea.

Good times!!


Steph said...

Sea World is the best! Cooper loves it when we get to go when we're in Texas.

JenFen said...

Looks like fun, I can't believe how old Summer looks in piggies, everyone always said the same about Jadyn when I started piggies around 11 months. I can't remember what post its from but I also can't believe what a little fish G is.

Thanks for the supportive comment yesterday!