Saturday, July 04, 2009

Garrett's first "Race"

Brad and I had a very competitive month in June--we did a 5K and I did the triathlon. Garrett heard and saw us training/talking about these things, and started saying he wanted to do a race too. As a part of the 4th of July 5K here, they have a kids race. Its a logistical nightmare to enter him if we are running, so we decided this one would be just about him. He was very patient waiting around for an hour for the adults to finish running, and had a blast during his "race". He insisted on wearing his "Cool racing shirt", even though the smallest size they had was an adult small. He ended up running 300 yards--not bad at all for a little man! He had a great time, and was asking "Can I do another race??" as soon as we were done.

Meeting the FIU mascot. He was obsessed with the "tiger"

Before the race in his "cool racing shirt" with his "cool racing numbers"

Following the "leader" - they had a runner lead each age group.

Happy finisher :-)


Leanne said...

yay Garrett! You look amazing Angela! Keep up your awesome work. Well we got our house and are probably closing the middle of Augs. I would really like to get together with you guys a couple more times before we leave to head to Pembroke Pines. I miss ya!

Lindsay said...

Yay for Garrett! Avery ran in her first race on the 4th too. My parents watched the girls while I ran (and Nick was suppose to run, but threw his back out). Then the girls had their race after mine. Avery did great and got her medal. However when it came time Sage didn't want to run, and I didn't want to make her. I think this will be a fun family thing for us to all do together as they get older. :)

BTW--You look awesome!

JenFen said...

I agree you look awesome and yeah for Garrett. That is too cute.