Sunday, June 07, 2009

Birthday Party Pics (very late!)

Sorry it has taken so long to post these--things have been INSANE around here lately!!!

For Garrett's party this year, we let him pick who he would like to invite. He chose to invite the Criders, the Shumans, and the Christophersons (another neighbor) . . . .we had a great time!

The cake:

Birthday boy

Who needs decorations? Garrett had Car stuff galore

Fishing with Randon and Claire

Party time!

Craft . . . Garrett already looked like he was on a sugar high!

Licking the icing off the cake decorations

"Look, this card has letters!"

Hugs for Miss Jess
Sharing the cool track Miss Val gave him

Goodbye hugs for Xander

Alicia and Summer

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Leanne said...

Im glad he had so much fun!:)