Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Continued Mis-adventures of Garrett

This kid is so full of it today!!!

This afternoon, after our playdate, he got stuck behind the aquarium (because he climbed behind it). And then I had to lock him in my bedroom (with me) because he kept running to the office (where Xander sleeps) and letting himself in the room. At this very moment, he is alternating between playing with Brad's tripod and taking the lid off of/replacing it on a washed out cottege cheese container.

Pictures are from the playdate today--we had a puppet show. :-)

We are headed to Orlando for the weekend, should be fun. Meeting up with one of my May 2006 buddies from Babycenter.

That's it for now. I must go on a treasure hunt for Xander's sippy cup, which has been MIA since this morning. With these two, I may not find it for months.

Oh, and now Garrett is pulling his Fisher price crawl through aquarium thing in circles through the kitchen, upside down, at a run . . .

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